"The Weird Black Kid"

Before I explain the inspiration behind the title of this post, I wanted to give somewhat of a disclaimer moving forward in case you're interested in following my journey. I implore you to please, please don't follow me if you're expecting a certain image of a therapist, artist, Black woman, human, activist, healer, or whatever other image I conjure up based off of my "About Us" page. I can tell you now I will absolutely disappoint you.🥰 If you're seeking amazing voices who are doing brilliant work in the areas of healing, art/self-expression, activism, and more please go elsewhere. There are people who've been doing this work since before I was born and who are eons and eons ahead of me. Please seek them.🙏🏽

However, if you are looking to see the journey of a "weird Black kid"...well...

Welcooommmmeee! Take a seat.🍿🪑🧸 You've come to the right place.🤗

I know this sounds like I'm talking poorly about myself. I'm not or probably I should take myself more seriously and care about my image more. 🤔 I'll reflect on that later. To be honest, with the exception of the about us page I wouldn't have appeared on here if my nephews had finished their homework.😅 Since I had a personal deadline to launch this, I just got my phone, put on some lights,  tried my best to stand there, shot the image, and uploaded it. Luckily, I was able to get some images with my nephew (I'm his first paid gig btw!!! More on that in another post).

Of course I'm not relinquishing myself from holding myself accountable for my actions, but I just wanted to warn people ahead of time. With that said, I don't have much to say about the attempted coup last week that hasn't been shared already. I did have to ground myself because amid everything going on, I still wanted to be completely present for each of my roles within the different areas of my life. (Plus I just started a new semester this week!) I do have much to say about other things that came up during the time I made for solitude, but for now I'll just end with the inspiration behind the title of this post. 

Long story short, someone noticed me on a Zoom call and one of the first thoughts that came to their mind was "Yea, that's the weird Black kid." Also, this comment came from someone who also identifies as a "weird Black kid," (we're out here!!!!!!! haha.) All this to say, when they told me this I felt so happy! I was like yes, yes, yes!!! I feel seen, especially from someone whose spirit felt familiar. So yea, thank you for seeing me fellow weird Black kid. I'm glad we can recognize each other even in a sea of virtual faces. 🤸🏽❤️

Well, if you're still here thank you for continuing to read my innermost thoughts. 🥰

As a reward, here's actual footage of me ☝🏽 from the ages of 0-17 since I never heard of a hair diffuser (they called me Jheri curl sandy😭).

On second thought, I probably should care more about my image and not share certain things on here moving forward. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Take care everyone!🙏🏽

From a kid at heart,

Sandy from The Underground Galaxy ✌🏽❤️👩🏽‍🚀

* also image above is by Dillon Lowe (Art by MOPA)*

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