Radical Gratitude Spell by Adrienne Maree Brown

I find myself quite tired as I type this. It's toward the end of the semester and like many, I feel a bit depleted. At times I wonder if I'm ever doing enough. During a moment of deep insecurity, I received a text from my childhood friend. She sent me this "spell." For those who may be experiencing something similar, or not 🤗, I pass this spell on to you written by Adrienne Maree Brown.

a spell to cast upon meeting a stranger, comrade or friend working for social and/or environmental justice and liberation:

you are a miracle walking
i greet you with wonder
in a world which seeks to own
your joy and your imagination
you have chosen to be free,
every day, as a practice.
i can never know
the struggles you went through to get here,
but i know you have swum upstream
and at times it has been lonely

i want you to know
i honor the choices you made in solitude
and i honor the work you have done to belong
i honor your commitment to that which is larger than yourself
and your journey
to love the particular container of life
that is you

you are enough
your work is enough
you are needed
your work is sacred
you are here
and i am grateful


by Adrienne Maree Brown

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