Hi, hi, hi!


I hope you're enjoying your weekend!🥰

Today, I decided to do something different. I felt a strong urge to say "hello!" via a recording. If my voice is super high-pitched, it's because I'm very nervous haha, but yay! Here's to "feeling the fear and doing it anyway" and also releasing perfectionism!

This video is just me saying hello👋🏽, going a bit further into my "digital minimalism" experiment🔬 (I went on Instagram and Twitter this past week, but I still don't have accounts. I just visit specific pages. 🥰), and some immediate/short-term goals 🧭 for The Underground Galaxy.

Last thing I'll say is, I'm more comfortable typing and writing. So, I ask for grace as I'm learning how not to be all over the place when I'm speaking haha. Thank you in advance! And hope you're eating lots of yummy food out there! 


One thing I didn't get to say in the video was that I restarted the habit of freestyling again! Below is one of my older videos (the one that's in my about page!). I recorded this video after I completed a personal 100-day project early last year where I solely focused on learning how to freestyle. I hope to share more since I find freestyling super fun and extremely challenging. I feel this all relates to The Underground Galaxy because as I said this project is influenced by movement and dance is a way I love to express myself and tell stories! 


Alrighty, I'll be working on my newsletter! Below is the first draft. I still have to finalize the copywriting, images, color palette, and typography. First, I have to catch up on some progress notes. 😅

With that said, don't forget to subscribe below! I'd love to keep in touch with you via the newsletter!

May you have an awesome week and see you next Sunday!!!🍭🤸🏽‍♀️

-Sandy from The Underground Galaxy ✌🏽❤️🌌

P.S.  I got these earrings 💋 (and hair clip!) over my birthday weekend, and btw a Happy Birthday to all the fellow Cancers 🦀💕🦀!

I finally found the stickers the owner gave out with their info! These accessories are becoming some of my favorite pieces! 😆

Their shop is called You Are Hot Stuff, which is a "small, Queer-run" business based in the Bay Area. Please visit Dru's page to find more awesome creations and follow them too @youarehotstuff


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