How are you? Hopefully, doing more than well.🙏🏽

As for myself, I'm not sure why, but I'm becoming increasingly nervous as time goes by and even more so when I'm about to post as it relates to The Underground Galaxy. I guess there are some parallels going on in my personal life and I'd like to get over some hurdles this year. Specifically, I'd like to release, or at least try to let go a bit when it comes to my overthinking and perfectionism. But, other than that I have some thoughts to share about the experiments I spoke of several weeks ago.

Well, initially these experiments were a little painful haha. I think the pain stemmed from the idea of feeling like I'm "missing out." Yet, over time like Catherine Price mentioned in her text, How to Break Up With Your Phonethe discomfort, worry, etc. became a "joy of missing out." Incidentally, this is my second time reading both her and Cal Newport's book Digital MinimalismI still remember a phrase she mentioned that still haunts me in the best way to this day. At one point in her book she asks the reader the following question:

"What do you want to pay attention to?"

Lily pads at The Huntington (During my break, I met a group of artists at the Huntington! As nervous and anxious as I was, I'm so glad I pushed myself to go. As a result, I met some awesome people (and plants)!)😆💗🌱

With Price's question in mind, as of right now, I decided I don't want to go on Instagram nor Twitter for the rest of the summer for absolutely anything. Initially, I was thinking indefinitely instead of solely for the summer. It's really hard to capture how these past weeks have been, and while I still keep up with the news and I'm sent articles and podcasts on different issues by others, I haven't experienced this kind of peace and bliss...honestly, I think my entire life. I'm still processing this and I think that's why it feels strange to share at this point. Yet, it feels like I'm saying goodbye to some aspects of myself and some aspects of life and saying hello to others. Even amid the joy, in a way there's a kind of pain and sadness behind this process, but I welcome it all.😌

I'll try to make this post somewhat short and save the rest for next week (I'll get over my perfectionism and post, I promise! haha), but one thing that came up was a slight challenge of seeking a spiritual community moving forward that was socially and politically conscious. I wanted a way to really connect with others across different interests and one way I concluded doing so was getting more involved with East Bay Meditation Center via the programming they offer. I'm trying to seek more alternatives like this as I'm going through the questions I'm asking myself.

Below is one of many events I'm looking forward to. I included the link in case you might be interested!:

Reclaiming Our Heart, Repairing Our World With Mushim Ikeda and Rev. Matta Ghaly (July 17th 10am-2pm (PT))

I've written briefly about Mushim before in a post. I remember my best friend (pictured below🥰) and  I would "attend" a lot of her talks throughout 2020. I wouldn't even know how to capture the impact Mushim has had on me and my friend. I feel like any words I'd use to describe Mushim wouldn't do her any justice, but I guess I'll just say I'm grateful for her existence, her teachings, her offerings, her humor, her candor, her transparency, her way of being and just how down-to-earth and genuine she is, and...well there I go again haha. I'll stop there for now. I'm just happy someone like her exists in this world. I hope you have the fortune of learning from her too one day! But to learn more about either Mushim or East Bay Meditation Center, please visit their sites!🤗

One of my soulmates, Ja'Nai, here laughing. We were at a friend's place and I saw an image and pointed at it and said "Oh look, they have a baby picture of you." The image I was pointing to was a painting of a little purple alien, see below. 

 Well, if it's okay with you, I'll end here until next week! I aim to continue working through my fears. 😣 Or at least, I don't want to let my fears stop me from growing and learning! Next week, I want to continue sharing what I've been doing during these experiments. One thing I got to do that made me feel extremely terrified and intimidated was signing up for an "Introduction to Filmmaking" course. Woohoo to facing one's fears and shoutout to my friends who constantly push me, support me and encourage me! Ah, and yes above and below are one of the new designs using 100% recycled material! Can you guess what it says?!😁 Well, if not clearer images to come (hopefully) haha!

May you and your loved ones be safe and well.🙏🏽

See you next week,

Sandy from the Underground Galaxy

 the little purple alien I spoke of...it could possibly be my baby picture haha😜

P.S. My best friend's cat accidentally scratched me hence the band-aid. He has this toy that's like an automatic laser. Lucky for me, the laser landed on my face when I was sleeping. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Me and her cat are still friends though haha. At least it's a great conversation starter. 😅

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