An Apology and an Anecdote

Before I get into an anecdote and part 3, I wanted to first give an apology.

In two previous posts, I used the spelling “womxn.” This week (via a newsletter), I learned this spelling is actually misgendering, and therefore quite harmful. With this in mind, moving forward I will not be using this spelling and will continue to do my best, as humanly as possible and with the resources I have, to continue to learn (a reason why I’m in several 10-month long programs right now). I also went back to said posts to rectify this mistake.

Regardless of my intention, in an attempt to be inclusive I completely and utterly failed and do apologize for causing harm. Here’s to continued lifelong learning and improvement.🙏🏽❤️

Asking for Help

If I may gently transition into an anecdote, I wrote something several weeks ago about asking for help and wanted to share. 

I learned what feels like 9,000,000 life lessons this past month. I think enough to last me the same amount of lifetimes. 

Somewhere along the way I forgot to ask for help and not only that, learn how to receive and welcome help. I had several difficult events happen (one not being that my graduation will be pushed to late August. That was literally a crumb compared to everything I was facing). I remember sending a voice message to my friend saying,"Why? Why is this happening?...I literally cannot find the silver lining to any of this!"

And though I did not search for anything, I had no capacity to, I started realizing all the support I had around me and how quickly people reached out, responded, and were willing to help. To this day, it's still really, really, really hard for me to say, "yea, I actually need help with this. I don't know what to do. In fact, I may actually be wrong about this approach and can't see clearly right now, can you help?" Thank you to those that literally stepped in and did not judge me and even reminded me of my power. I'm still stunned. May your warmth, kindness, and all that is good in this world return to you a million times fold! It's folks like you that truly give me hope in this world because honestly this year has at times been a bit rough to say the least. (I know, it's only mid-March 😅.)

One of my biggest cheerleaders/supporters ☝🏽and just my universe haha...aka my mom.  *(this was a couple of years ago when we went on a pilgrimage together).🥰

But, I never want to force any of my beliefs onto you. I just wanted to share for folks like me who struggle at times with asking for help. I still struggle with shame to this day and that's one lesson I'm learning and will continue to learn about how to understand there's nothing shameful about asking for help. I cannot say what you must or must not do in any situation. Of course, not everyone is actually willing to help nor cares to, even worse there are people that are actually quite happy to see you suffer. I'm also learning that lesson. I've been learning so much lately that at times I feel overwhelmed. At the same time, there really are people out there with these huge hearts the size of galaxies. I hope you find them. I hope they find you.  

Well, just wanted to offer this anecdote in case you find yourself struggling with something going on in your life and/or with what you're witnessing out in the world. I hope we can be different, stay true to ourselves, while embodying the qualities we wish were more available in this world. Please don't give up.🤗

Always...always...always...☝🏽(again just in case, some resources are listed here.)

If you'd like, you can go ahead and join me in part 3! If not, may you be safe and well. May you too be surrounded by many supporters and cheerleaders of all kind!

See you later!

-Sandy from The Underground Galaxy ✌🏽❤️👩🏽‍🚀


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